which query is used to get Multitext fields data in Agile PLM database? I need table names, column names to get multitext fields data in agile PLM dat

Hi Team,

For these 4 ‘Multitext’ fields, Could you please get us the table name, column name where this information stores in Agile PLM database?


Resolution Summary Complaints Page Three Multitext
Product Generated Error Code Complaints Page Three Multitext
Software Application/Software Version Complaints Affected Items Multitext
File Description Complaints Attachments Multitext
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We may not share the same version of Agile, because I cannot find “Complaints” as a class. If indeed Complaints is a class, then you will narrow it down to the subclass in order to get to the Page three attributes. In general however, multitext values are stored in the AGILE.AGILE_FLEX table. They must be referenced by the object’s ID and the attributes base ID. Here’s an example of a sub-query:

(Select Text From Agile.Agile_Flex Where Id = I.Id And Attid = 1568)

Where I.ID is the object’s ID and 1568 can be replaced with the base ID that you’re interested in.

Hope that helps a little. By the way, I doubt that Affected Items will be found in a multitext field unless that is just a term you’re using for this Complaints class. Typically Affected Items are found in the REV table on Change orders or Change Requests.  Attachments are also not in multitext attributes, but again… I’m not familiar with that class.

Agile Professional Answered on November 1, 2023.
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