What’s the best way to correct incorrect BOM data that indicates where an item is used?

We use Agile 9.3.2. There is a bug, according to Oracle, that sometimes prevents an item from properly showing all assemblies the item is a component of under the WhereUsed tab. Oracle provided us with a script to fix it.  What it does is search for records in the BOM table
Where Substr(BOM.Flags,5,1) = ‘0’ And BOM.Change_Out = 0; 
It creates a temporary table with those records, then updates the original BOM table (based on the IDs in the temp table), such that the 5th flag is now set to 1.
For the most part, this seems to work, but there are some exceptions. One such exception seems to be when the component’s latest change is on a SCO, as opposed to an ECO.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why that may be so?  Are there other flags that need update?
It may be worth noting that there is another know bug in this version of Agile. When you navigate to an item, by default the site its set to the master site, and the REV is supposed to show the latest REV and change order.  If, however, that latest change is an SCO or MCO, it will show the latest ECO instead.

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My best guess as to why the script isn’t working in all cases would be that it is looking for the latest released revision of the item to change the flags rather than the latest released ECO revision. This might explain why items that were last released on an SCO or MCO are not being updated correctly.  
Anything that is Revision Controlled can only be changed on the latest released ECO revision.  Take attachments, for example:  If I have appropriate privileges, I can modify attachments directly on a released item record. However, since attachments are revision controlled – If the item was last released on an MCO  – I cannot modify the attachments unless I change the rev drop-down to the latest ECO revision.

Agile Angel Answered on May 26, 2016.
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