Update MultiList value in Groovy

The Oracle documentation might work for Java, but I am trying to do this in a Groovy script process extension.  How do I write the setSelection statement?

// Trying this in a Groovy script in Agile
// Want to add 3 values to a MultiList field.
private void mrmtest(IBaseScriptObj obj, IItem mitem) throws APIException {

String abValue = (String) mitem.getValue(ItemConstants.ATT_PAGE_TWO_MULTILIST03);
String[] strArr = abValue.split(“;”);

ArrayList<String> ablist = new ArrayList<String>();

for (String temp : strArr) {

if ( ablist.contains(“Green”) == false ) { ablist.add(“Green”); }
if ( ablist.contains(“Blue”) == false ) { ablist.add(“Ble”); }
if ( ablist.contains(“Purple”) == false ) { ablist.add(“Purple”); }

if(null != ablist && !ablist.isEmpty()) {
int valuesListSize = ablist.size();

ICell stmcell = mitem.getCell(ItemConstants.ATT_PAGE_TWO_MULTILIST03);
IAgileList stmvalues = stmcell.getAvailableValues();

wrmStr = ablist.toString();

// —  This next line is where it won’t compile and I get the error. How do I do setSelection in Groovy?

stmvalues.setSelection(new Object[] wrmStr);

// stmcell.setValue(stmvalues);

Agile Talent Asked on February 11, 2021 in Software Development Kit (API).
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I wanted to give an update here, now that I have more or less solved my issue.
The MultiList03 attribute on the item is configured in our system to use a list.
And the list it uses is the Agile ‘User Groups’ list, which is considered a dynamic list.
A simple list is easier to deal with. Let’s say I have a User Group named “Texas”, and another named “Arizona”.
Below is an example of some code that shows how I can replace the current values, with “Texas” and “Arizona”.
This is Groovy code added to the code section of an Event Handler within Agile PLM 936.

// MultiList03 uses the ‘User Groups’ list, which is a dynamic list in Agile, not a simple list
// item is of the type IItem, which we already defined before getting to this point

ICell cell = item.getCell(CommonConstants.ATT_PAGE_TWO_MULTILIST03);
IAgileList values = cell.getAvailableValues();
if (values.getChildNodes() == null) {
IAgileClass cls = cell.getAttribute().getListAgileClass();
obj.logMonitor(“cls: ” + cls); // <– output is — cls: User Groups
if (cls != null) {

// *** I plan to have “Texas” and “Arizona” in a String array, so I will do this differently in a loop
// *** I won’t hard-code these values, because there could be 1 or more. For example: “Texas”, “Ohio”, and “Florida”

Object[] usrGrps = [ (IUserGroup)session.getObject(cls, “Texas”)]; // <– this will end up being an array of objects
usrGrps += [ (IUserGroup)session.getObject(cls, “Arizona”)]; // <– the += helped me here

cell.setValue(values); // <– this worked and added the two values

Agile Talent Answered on February 20, 2021.
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