Retreive Dynamic List Referent Object

Hi Guys, I have an Item Page Two attribute that is a list-type attribute with dynamic list pulling all Agile customer objects.  The list is change controlled.  I am writing a PX that is triggered off a workflow.  It will scan each affected item and report some details from the customer object listed from it’s title-block redlines.  Is there a way to dynamically retrieve the customer object from the attribute’s cell? (Something like Cell.getReferent().  Note: This works when the list is not a change-controlled attribute, but when I’m pulling from TABLE_REDLINEPAGETWO, the referent object appears to be the table row).  I guess I could always create a query but hoping there is any easier way as  the cell only appears to pull the customer name (not number)  Any Ideas? Dan

Agile Talent Asked on August 19, 2019 in Product Collaboration.
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