Redline Replace/Edit of Item Number Only via Import Wizard

For change orders, I want to replace or edit (verbage changes on source I found) the item number of a line item on an affected item’s BOM.   What this looks like is a pair of redlines where only the attributes that change between item numbers get redlined.  Namely, quantity and reference designators remain unchanged.

I’m able to accomplish this two separate ways:

  • double-clicking the item number of the line item prompts user input.  On saving a valid input the redlines appear as I’d want them
  • Using the bulk change replace functionality results in the same behavior.

This seems like consistent and stable behavior and I’d really like to leverage it with the import/export wizard, but every experiment I’ve run, every preference I’ve changed hasn’t given me this behavior.  Best I can accomplish are two disjointed lines, one where the old item number is completely remove and one where the new one is completely added.

This is largely a cosmetic ambition, but I figured if anyone out there knew the answer I’d ask.

Agile User Asked on August 17, 2023 in Agile PLM (v9).
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