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If a item’s BOM is redlined on 2 change orders, the first change is not able to released saying.. For that item has conflict of redlines.. So… How to solve this problem… First change is getting warning… But not proceeding to release status. 

User is asking why the warnings stopping the routing of object unlike errors. 




Agile Talent Asked on December 14, 2019 in Advanced Customer Services (ACS).
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If it truly is a redline conflict then that means both change orders are trying to update the same BOM row. If the first change is allowed to go through then the second change would have an invalid state: updating a row that has been replaced. The redline conflict has to be resolved by the user.

Agile Angel Answered on December 14, 2019.
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Hi Steve,

The First change is not getting Released is the actual problem, it is in CCB status right now, however second change is in Pending status.

You mean user have to remove the item from second change? Is that the only work around or any other possible solution.


Agile Talent Answered on December 14, 2019.

Do not have to remove the affected item. Just remove the conflicting redline in the second change order.

on December 16, 2019.
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Hi Satya

What is the exact warning message you are getting when you try to release the first change?

– Raj

Agile Expert Answered on December 16, 2019.
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The change analyst can determine how to resolve the conflict:

  • Examine the pending changes and decide which redlines you want to keep. You can remove redlines or you may decide to remove the item from the Affected Items table of one of the changes. Advance the status manually.
  • Or, manually advance the status of one of the changes (in this case Change Order in CCB as Auto Promotion would fail). A warning appears that tells you that releasing the change will cause another change to lose redlines. Ignore the warning and release the change; the redlines are removed from the remaining change.


Reference: Getting Started with Agile PLM –> Routing Objects with Workflows –> Redline Conflicts

Agile User Answered on December 26, 2019.
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