Missing product lines values

This is regarding the source: Agile 8.5 PLM, which has a oracle 8i as database.

I am in situation where for an item, in Agile 8.5 front end, I have multiple product lines shown. But if I query for the same in item in oracle back end database, in item table and also in change table, by linking property table. I am able to fetch all the values, some values are missed in backend.

In front end: product line count: 75

In backend :product line count: 36 ( both in item and change table).

Even tried joining both item and change table, but I am able to fetch all the values similar to Agile 8.5 front end.

The missing values for that item in the database, are with different product line ID, and not associated to this item in the database, but in front end, it is showing these extra product line values for that item.

Could anyone of you please help me in fetching all the product lines for an respective item. Is it something which I am missing a place to look out for (Any tables).?

Please help me out. Thanks.

Agile User Asked on October 30, 2019 in Others.
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 Look in the MSATT table.

 The problem is that the PRODUCT_LINES attribute can only hold so many ID values (it is 255 characters). So if you have a lot of ID values to put in there (and it certainly looks like you do), then there has to be another way to handle the overflow. And the MSATT table is it. PARENTID is the ID from the ITEM table, ATTID is the ID of the attribute (1004 for ITEM Product_Lines, IIRC), and VALUE is an ID for that attribute.

 MSATT should have the entire list of IDs for the attribute. And that you should use MSATT is noted as a flag bit, which is the 10th bit (starting from zero) in the FLAGS attribute. So if that bit is 1, just go to MSATT to get the full list of ID values for the attribute.

Agile Angel Answered on October 31, 2019.
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Thank a lot Kevin, much appreciated. I got the logic now, You made my day. Your awesome.
Thanks again.

Agile User Answered on October 31, 2019.
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