Is there a way to export a multi level BOM For a top level Assembly, that is on change, that includes the pending BOM’s for sub assemblies on the same ECO?

Currently when exporting a multi level BOM I get the pending BOM for the top level assembly, but I get the latest production released BOM for all sub assemblies.

Agile Expert Asked on March 2, 2015 in Agile PLM (v9),   Product Collaboration.
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I’m using 9.3.2.

– Under the Reports drawer, find Standard Reports > Products Reports > BOM Explosion Report.
– Press the Execute button
– In step 1 of the wizard, pick appropriate Layout, then choose NEXT
– In step 2 of the wizard, pick the item/items you care about.
– Double click on the rev next to the item (defaults to latest rev). This should show a drop down box. Choose the pending rev from your change.
– In step 3 of the wizard, pick the proper subclasses, then click Finish.

The resultant report should show the pending BOM revs from the change, as it will be when the change releases.

Agile Expert Answered on March 2, 2015.
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