How to redline the page 2 and page 3 attributes of an item using webservices??

Hi Team,

I want to update the redline changes as a bulk using webservices . I have to update page 2 and page 3 attributes and even mfr qual status some times ,How can we do it using webservices


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Here is a barebones working example I wrote in C# with the .NET framework. I stripped out a bunch of code to make it clear what object calls you will need. You’ll have to translate back to Java.. sorry I had to translate it the other way lol.

public void RedlineTest()
using (Table_Binding service = TableService())
UpdateRowsRequestType updateRowRequest = new UpdateRowsRequestType();
AgileUpdateRowsRequest[] rowRequest = new AgileUpdateRowsRequest[1];

// Create options for a redline_change and set the target ECO
PropertyType[] options = new PropertyType[1];
options[0] = new PropertyType
propertyName = “redline_change”,
propertyValue = “C12345” // ECO Number

RequestTableType updateTable = new RequestTableType()
classIdentifier = “Part”,
objectNumber = “JOE_TEST_5”,
options = options,
tableIdentifier = “-810” // TABLE_REDLINEPAGETWO Constant. You will have to adjust this if you want to
// target different attribute sections like Page Three.
// Refer to “Agile Attributes without API Names – Item Constants” in the WS API

// Define the XML element for the Agile Fields(s) you wish to update and set the value(s). This part  of my code is using  .NET XML classes, for Java you’ll have to use JAXBElement or the MessageElement as shown in the WS API.
XmlElement[] elements = new XmlElement[1];
XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
elements[0] = doc.CreateElement(“drawingNumber”);
elements[0].SetAttribute(“xmlsn:xsi”, “xs:string”);
elements[0].InnerText = “JOE_TEST_5.dwg”;

// Load the element(s) into an AgileRowType
AgileRowType row = new AgileRowType
Any = elements

// Define an AgileUpdateRow then insert your AgileRowType and set the RowId to update
AgileUpdateRow[] updaterow = new AgileUpdateRow[1];
updaterow[0] = new AgileUpdateRow()
row = row,
rowId = 8453123 // Hardcoded RowId for this example. (You can use the GetRowId helper or use LoadTableRequestType to get the Row you wish to update)

// Fill the AgileUpdateRowRequest with the UpdateRow and RequestTableType
rowRequest[0] = new AgileUpdateRowsRequest
row = updaterow,
objectInfo = updateTable

// Set the UpdateRowsRequestType with your rowRequest and call the Web Service updateRows method = rowRequest;
UpdateRowsResponseType updateResponse = service.updateRows(updateRowRequest);



Agile User Answered on January 20, 2022.
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if you would like to update the P2 and P3 attributes, it is identified as a tables in the webserices. call the corresponding object table and update them as required.


Agile Angel Answered on May 3, 2017.
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