How to fectch redline bom AML table of a affected item in a change using DB query


do we have any table or view which store item aml redline information.

my task :- I have one change number  having status as pending  (not released)and change have affected items.  User may Redlined(deleted /add/modified) aml  on some of items for particualr change. can we have any db query to get latest aml for pending change.

I have to use only db query for that.

I have write one query but in case of one of aml row is deleted on item then i am not able to get that information so my query returning all data , not latest updated value.

my Db query :-

select chgid,chg.change_number,it.item_number,
mpart.part_number,,mpart.manu_id,nt.description “Manu_lifeCycle”,
manu_by aml,manu_parts mpart,manufacturers mfr, rev r,change chg,nodetable nt, item it
where aml.agile_part =
and (aml.CHANGE_IN in (0, or (aml.change_in not in(0) and aml.prior_row=0 ) )
–and aml.change_out not in (
and (aml.change_out = 0 )
–and aml.manu_part <> 0
and = aml.manu_part
and = mpart.manu_id
and chg.change_number = ‘my_change’
and r.change =
and r.item =
and mfr.status =;

Agile User Asked on May 17, 2023 in Agile PLM (v9).
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