How to create Parallel workflow status in single workflow

i want to send one object to multiple peoples for review and approval at a time and they should get edit privileges related to his portion of attributes only and they should not able to see others. is there any possibility to create wokflow parallel status in 9.3.4

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There is no straight forward way to achieve a parallel status. However, by using the “Manual Valid Next Status” option you can achieve this.

For example,
1. Lets us say that the first status is A.
2. It has 2 statuses as the Manual Valid Next Status – B and C.
3. Logically the User can move the object to either B or C though in the view it will look like A -> B -> C.
4. Manual Valid Next Status for B and C is D. So, when the object is in status B or C it can only go to D.

In this way you can setup parallel flows. Note that you can have a series of status instead of either B or C creating two flows from A to D.

Agile Angel Answered on June 28, 2018.
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@Patrick – if your talking ‘AND’ logic and true parallel approval task no. You can use the approach described by Madhusudanas as serial OR logic to give alternat pathways through the work flow.

Not fully clear but suspect the question asked required true parallel ‘AND’ logic in the workflow.


Agile Angel Answered on June 28, 2018.
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