How can a criteria for a Workflow do math?

In the Workflow of an ECO, we would like to prevent the ECO from being ‘Released’ when this criteria is True:

If an Affected Item’s PAGE_TWO.LIST03 Starts with ‘Subscription’
AND it has BOM components
AND the sum of the ‘Revenue Split Percentage’ values of all components = 100

( There is a new column in the BOM section named ‘Revenue Split Percentage’ )
Continue and Release the ECO (make this criteria True)
Stop and don’t allow the ECO to be Released (make this criteria False)

Can such a criteria as this be created?  We could create a process extension (like a groovy script) to do this math, but how can it send back a ‘True’ or ‘False’ return flag that would cause the ECO status Audit to fail?

Agile Talent Asked on March 3, 2020 in Product Collaboration.
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You are going to need to accomplish this in two steps…. first write the answer to a outside table or attribute using one PX upon exit.  Then use an entry workflow criteria to either allow the workflow to continue or error for no criteria…. which will need to be a training point as the indicator really doesn’t provide any usable information for the end-user.

Best of luck.

Agile Angel Answered on March 3, 2020.
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