History tab is not visible on Suppliers class

Hi All,

Is it normal that even though the “history” tab is set to visible under suppliers class in the java admin side, when a supplier object is opened in web client, the history tab is not there. if this is normal, what is the reasoning behind it.
I should mention that in the java admin, history is grayed out for suppliers and cannot be opened and change to visible Yes/no.


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Have you tried to take a look at the subclass’ parent class level whether the History tab is disabled or not?

Agile Expert Answered on March 2, 2018.
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Hi Swagoto,

The subclass’ parent class is the base class and has no user interface tabs.
I should also mention that we were not using suppliers class before, we are deploying PG&C Module so we started using suppliers class.

Agile User Answered on March 5, 2018.
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