Determining attribute configuration from a query

I’m looking for a way to query the Agile database for some configuration information. For a given part subclass, there may be page 3 attributes that I’ve selected to be visible, given a specific name, attribute type (text, list, multilist, etc.).  There is a table named PROPERTYTABLE which appears to have the information I need, but the values within that table are typically IDs.  What tables do I need to join with to get the textual information I’m looking for? Thanks.

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NODETABLE.ID = PROPERTYTABLE.PARENTID,  for your purposes. The list ID for PROPERTYTABLE.PROPERTYID is 181, which tells you which property is specified.
 Note that just about everything in the configuration starts in NODETABLE. Classes are OBJTYPE=5, and then things head down in a hierarchical fashion where current ID = PARENTID of the next level down. Classes are not the only thing, obviously, and the list ID for nodetable object type is 101.
 Lots more to discover, but neither Agile nor Oracle has ever published anything about how the schema works.

Agile Angel Answered on May 11, 2017.

Thank you.  This was very helpful.

on May 12, 2017.

Hi Kevin, I’m hoping you can help me further on this. Is there a way to find the order number for a page 3 attribute on a given subclass? In the Java client I can add attributes and make those visible. Then I can change the order in which those appear on screen.  I would have expected this to be a value saved into the PROPERTYTABLE, I have found that the “Property ID Selection List” has an entry named “Order” (ENTRYID 631 where LISTID = 181), but I cannot seem to find any such value associated with the attributes.

Thanks – Steve

on October 18, 2017.
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