AUT Build is failing because “Destination system Connection details invalid”

I am running AUT for a client. The build is consistently failing, because  it says that the destination connect details are wrong. I specifically copied them from the file, as that is working. But it still fails. Screen shots are in the attached file.
 Note that I am doing the upgrade in place, as sourceEqualsDest = true. I also have the src. variables set, even if I don’t need them.
 Any idea as to what is going on?  I remember AUT running like a clock back in 934.

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Never mind, I found the answer. The other-then-agile user that you supply the name and password to AUT as the “sys” user *must* have privileges to login “as sysdba”. I was using SYSTEM, and that default Oracle account does NOT have sufficient privileges to do so (by design). So you really need to actually use the SYS account when running AUT or else make sure to assign the SYSDBA role to the account you are using.

 Oracle document 2110968.1, on the support site.

Agile Angel Answered on March 28, 2019.
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