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Hi Experts,

one of my clients in Brazil are looking for references around the world about Agile PG&C. They already use PD and PPM and intend to expand the use.

May you get me in contact with people using PG&C?

My best


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I am working on PG&C module , you can write me your queries .


Agile User Answered on April 4, 2020.
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Hi Vikekkumar,

thank you for your reply,

here are some questions:


  1. About the substance repository:


– What are the steps that are mandatory for the approval of a flow of implementation / review of a chemical composition linked to a product?

– What are the business requirements (Ex: during the product development project)?

– Access restrictions: how access segmentation of sensitive information was implemented?

– What type of report is extracted, by CAS number or substance?


  1. About Compliance:


– Who updates the information, given the number of applications for a product and countries of sale? Is there any intelligence behind that can streamline regulatory analysis?

– How long did it take to implement the module and the main areas involved?

Agile Angel Answered on April 5, 2020.
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