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  • Also – just as a FYI – the removal of an attachment row on a business object does not delete the File Folder.  You can review the History of the Object and get the File Folder number.  Next you can either Re-link the file Folder (add by search) or just find the file folder to get the file.  

    For Items, use of Incorporate is a good idea to lock the Attachments Tab once the Item Revision is released.  For other objects, you may want to restrict the Modify Attachments capability later in the Workflow Statuses.  In recent versions, you can use separate Add / Remove Attachments privileges.

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  • Agile User Asked on March 1, 2017 in Other APIs.

    Import Event Triggers were not added with the Event system.  If you submit a SR for an Enhancement, I think the most likely improvement will be a single trigger after the Import completes with a list of the objects touched.  Import uses a batch system behind the scenes that tries 200 or 400 writes at a time.  From the Oracle perspective, the system would completely bog down to throw an event on every object update.

    To work around this, you may have to update an extra field that can be used in Search, like “Import Date” or anything to signal this object was just imported against.  Then, have a saved or SDK search that identifies this list of objects, and run a SDK program against them (tools menu?) to perform your post import updates.  I know this is painful, but it could allow you to create a repeatable user process.

    Another alternative is to bypass the Agile Import UI altogether.  Throw up a separate Web Page to collect an Excel import file, then use SDK to call Import, then run your post process code.  The nice thing about this separate UI is that you can control what the user is importing against.

     – Shane

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  • Patrick,

    The more modern releases have a hyperlink from that page to  

    Typically, Oracle will provide some code for new features.  When I was there, we did not have any intent to go back and update or add to old code.  If you notice, the new page also has a slightly different License attached.  The old license has some really odd restrictions attached.

    Because of the potential for bad licenses (LGPL, GPL, etc.), I would not expect Oracle to host a code sharing site.  That would have to be a customer community type effort.  


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