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If you landed on our homepage today, you probably noticed a big change: We completely redesigned it! We revamped our homepage to reflect our software solutions, strategy, brand messaging, and to help users get to popular areas of the site faster!

Continue to read to learn more about our new and improved homepage look.

Our Software Story

GrabCAD started in 2009 as a collaborative space for engineers, designers and manufacturers to exchange knowledge about all things CAD and design. But since then, GrabCAD has evolved to become so much more than just a free cloud-based collaboration environment.

Today, our Stratasys software solutions actually help professionals improve their additive workflows and processes:

  • GrabCAD Print is Stratasys’ premier 3D printing software that simplifies preparing, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of print jobs.
  • GrabCAD Shop helps 3D printer operators save time keeping track of 3D print requests.
  • GrabCAD SDK helps Independent Software Vendors and Customer Developers connect their Stratasys printers to their smart factory floor.
  • GrabCAD Software Partner Program provides an ecosystem of software partners so that Stratasys customers can connect their printers into existing PLM and ERPs.

So now, when you look at our homepage, you’ll notice that it showcases not just our Community offerings, but also the software solutions mentioned above.

GrabCAD Unveils New Additive Manufacturing Direction with a New Homepage

Our Mission

Besides making it easier to access our software solutions from the homepage, we also wanted to re-explain our mission. In 2009, our mission was to create an environment where industry professionals could collaborate and exchange their expertise. However, since being acquired by Stratasys in 2014, we have been laser focused on the development of a full stack of additive manufacturing solutions.

Today, we want to share with you our software mission and how our software platform will reshape the additive industry in a big way. That’s why the first thing you see when you land on our homepage is our three core pillars, which define our additive manufacturing mission:

GrabCAD Unveils New Additive Manufacturing Direction with a New Homepage

We believe that our software platform makes it possible for businesses to scale additive manufacturing into their production workflows, and enable Industry 4.0 connectivity.

Stratasys Software Day

Register for Stratasys Software Day!

To learn more about our mission and our growing software platform, join us on November 4, 2021 for Stratasys Software Day. This all-day virtual event will include high level platform overviews from Stratasys leadership, a Software Partner Round table discussion, customer interviews, and much more!

What’s Next

Our homepage was just the first step. In months to come, you’ll notice additional design and user experience improvements to our website that we hope helps visitors enjoy our website and tools more.

How do you feel about the new look? Have suggestions about other website improvements? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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