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In this month’s GrabCAD Print release, version 1.45, we’re excited to announce a new software feature for FDM users: Adaptive Slice. This new feature will automatically change the slice height of your part, saving you hours of print time while still keeping the finer details and overall quality.

What Does Slice Mean?

As we all know, to make an FDM 3D-printed part, FDM material is extruded layer-by-layer through a printer head, moving from the bottom up. Each layer is typically referred to as a “slice,” and the thickness of that layer is known as “slice height.”

FDM printer head

In regards to print time, a smaller slice height will give you finer resolution but have a longer print time, whereas a larger slice height will print faster.

How Adaptive Slice Works in GrabCAD Print

GrabCAD Print will be able to change your part’s slice height based on its external surface angle. For instance, if you have a wall that is relatively shallow, GrabCAD Print will use a finer slice height. If you have walls that are steep, a thicker slice height will be chosen.

To enable Adaptive Slice in GrabCAD Print:

  1. Tray Settings
  2. Slice Style
  3. Select Adaptive.

You can also check out this tutorial where we go in more depth on using Adaptive Slice in GrabCAD Print.


We’ve estimated that by enabling Adaptive Slice, FDM parts with high resolution can now be printed up to 24% faster — and did we mention that it does NOT reduce part strength?

Adaptive slice is available for 0.0070in (0.1778mm) slice height and 0.0100in (0.2540mm) slice height. It works with all FDM materials and for the following printers:

Try this new feature today by downloading the latest version of GrabCAD Print!

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