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We heard your feedback and we are so excited to announce that it is NOW possible to open part files from GrabCAD Shop right onto your tray in GrabCAD Print! This integration — released in GrabCAD Print version 1.41 — will improve your 3D printing workflow dramatically:

  • Reduce the hassle of uploading and redownloading CAD files by simply opening files from Shop into GrabCAD Print with the click of a button.
  • Efficiently plan your print jobs and trays using both the Shop Operator Dashboard view and Print scheduled view.

See the new and improved 3D printing workflow:

A Streamlined 3D Printing Workflow

GrabCAD Shop is the 3D printing shop management software for designers, engineers, lab, makerspace and printing shop operators. Using the simplified Operator Dashboard, GrabCAD Shop makes it easy for operators to manage 3D printing requests by organizing orders in one place.

GrabCAD Shop improves the 3D printing workflow because requesters can easily upload job requirements, including CAD files, support documentation and notes to their shop operator using a simple online order form.

And now, with the GrabCAD Print integration, operators will be able to open the file straight from GrabCAD Shop into GrabCAD Print.

GrabCAD Print is Now Integrated with GrabCAD Shop

GrabCAD Shop allows you to add all your model shop’s Stratasys printer technologies as well as many non-Stratasys printers, and traditional fabrication technologies, to be made available to the users in your company. However, this new integration will only benefit GrabCAD Print users with Stratasys 3D printers.

If you haven’t updated to the latest version of GrabCAD Print, download 1.41 here. You can also sign up for a free GrabCAD Shop trial here!

This new integration was requested by multiple Shop and Print users. We value your feedback and encourage you to continue to submit any new enhancements you would like to see!

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