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KeyShot 3D Rendering softwareHey Everyone, I’m back again with our favorite KeyShot renders that have been posted to the KeyShot Community Group!

A few weeks ago, I asked the KeyShot group to give me their best renders. I never used KeyShot but I wanted to see what the community could create with KeyShot.

For people who don’t know what KeyShot is, KeyShot is the fastest, most powerful software for real-time 3D rendering and animation. It gives you so many ways to create amazing visuals.

For example, you can do the following to your animations:

  • Create cutaways
  • Add light rays
  • Generate 3D textures
  • Apply image styles in real-time

Now that you know what KeyShot is, let’s check out the renders from the GrabCAD Community!

KeyShot Renders from the GrabCAD Community

This first KeyShot render is an amazing statue; the render shows off all the details, and the lighting even shows the metalish material. This is a very nice model, as well something that I would find in a museum but not this polished.

KeyShot Render: Statue

This next render is a nice lighting fixture. We have multiple light bulbs and they are so clear that you can see the electric wiring inside. Also, in the background of the render, we can see the texture in the ceiling and curtain.

KeyShot Render: Lighting

This render is a cool camera render that looks like some sort of GoPro camera. What I like about this render is the lens and the texture on the camera itself; the lighting on the lens is very nice and the shine makes it realistic.

KeyShot Render: Camera


What I love about this pipe render is that there are multiple parts and its a very complex model. There are so many bolts and the glass on the meters are such a nice touch. If you showed this to someone they would think its real.

KeyShot Render: Pipe

See all the KeyShot renders from the group discussion here!

Getting Started with KeyShot 3D Rendering Software

Now that you see how cool KeyShot is, you’re probably dying to try it for yourself! Fortunately, the GrabCAD Community is filled with helpful Tutorials to get you started.

The following are just a few of my favorites:

Interested in joining groups that are like KeyShot? Be sure to check out GrabCAD Groups and start discussions with other members!

If you don’t see a topic that you are interested in, you can make your own group!

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