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I’m a big fan of Halloween. In fact, I grew up in the town next door to Salem, Massachusetts, so, it was practically impossible to not get into the festivities.

But this year is special because this year I’m working at GrabCAD, where I have access to millions of CAD files and the best 3D printers on the market from Stratasys. And GrabCAD Community, you did NOT let me down.

As I was browsing through the GrabCAD Library, I came across so many great Halloween 3D models and decorating ideas that I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted to print first.

But ultimately, I knew I wanted to 3D print Halloween decorations for my desk. So I did…

Evil Pumpkin from Graeme Johnston

I love this Jack O’Lantern rendition, especially how Graeme made the outside black. The smile is also certainly evil.


Ghosty by Eugen Juravliov

Casper the friendly ghost was one of my favorite characters growing up. So naturally, this friendly ghost caught my eye. I was also excited to see how the Stratasys J750 PolyJet printer would make Casper glossy and spooky!

I might have only printed two Halloween models, but there were so many more that caught my eye. Below, I share 11 more Halloween models to 3D print.

Don’t forget! If you’ve been 3D printing Halloween decorations, share it with us on Instagram.


I love how there is a mix of friendly and scary ghosts in the Community. Below are my top three favorites!

Ghost by Wong Chun Hei

Ghost by Alex Petuhov

3D Printed Halloween Ghost by Phil Neilens

Spider Robots

I HATE spiders. However, I appreciate the talent and skill that went into these spider robot renderings. In fact, if these spiders were at your desk they would appear to be helpful!

Spider Robot by Christian Spreafico

Spider Lamp by Nahid Mubin


Mechanical Robot Spider by DEN SHP

Witch Hat

If wearing a witch hat every day was considered trendy, these two would be my pick. For now, they would make great 3D printed decorations at your desk.

Witch Hat by Vishesh Parmar


Witch’s Hat by Niels

Jack O’Lantern

And of course, you can’t have Halloween without Jack O’Lanterns!

Pumpkin Hexapod by Yufeng (Eric Wu)

I loved this Hexapod because it’s Cinderella 2.0; a Jack O’Lantern that retracts its legs and turns into a pumpkin! Such a creative concept!


Smiley Pumpkin by bj

The smile on this pumpkin’s face CREEPS me out. Click to see the final 3D-printed product!


LOL Pumpkin by Paul Tripon

I thought this Jack O’Lantern was creative because the face looks terrified of something! It’s probably looking at the Spider Robots.


Let me know how you feel about the models I selected! Are there any others that really spook you? Happy Halloween!

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