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Tech and Design PodcastsLast week we released the Best 3D Printing & Engineering Podcasts to Listen To. This week, we are excited to release the top tech and design podcasts to try.

So if you’re in a design rut, or need tech inspiration, hopefully these podcasts will help!



As tech innovators seek to innovate to make our lives run smoother, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to imminent policy shifts that may impact those very innovations. Hosted by The App Association, “TechSwamp,” gives a unique insider’s perspective on the tech industry.

Recode Decode

Interview based show, “Recode Decode” asks provocative and relevant questions. Kara Swisher gets really interesting and personal answers out of people like Elon Musk. Not to be missed by keen techies.

FT Tech Tonic

A weekly chat that addresses the way technology is changing our global societies, economies and daily lives. Hosted by John Thornhill, innovation editor at the Financial Times, FT Tech Tonic guarantees its listeners receive a dose of raw tech intermingled with high brow intelligence.


There are a multitude of podcasts about our digital devices in the world today, but Analog(ue) takes a unique approach to a recurring theme. This is a podcast about how our modern technology makes us feel and how it changes us, for better and for worse.

Accidental Tech Podcast

ATP is a true tech podcast phenomena. The three hosts are all developers, so they really know their stuff, and listening to their in-depth chats makes you feel as though you have a backstage pass to a private gathering of industry trailblazers.

So, if you’re fascinated about everything tech—from the minutiae of programming languages to the latest industry news— this is the podcast you want to check out.


Hosted by authors Ben Thompson and James Allworth, this podcast is about all things tech and society — because whether or not we work at a technologically driven company, we’re still affected by the digital world.

Future Tense

This podcast takes a closer look at the latest tech innovations and simultaneously discusses them in the context of politics, media, environmental sustainability.


The fast-paced discussion with two hosts and two industry guests features a range of topics—from Windows 10 and cord cutting to online advertising and drones.


This is one of my favorites. It tackles some of the biggest questions concerning tech and culture. From Facebook and Netflix to local news and surveillance, host Derek Thompson covers it all in an easy to digest format.

MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Podcast

MIT’s “Artificial Intelligence Podcast,” features top professors from various universities (MIT, Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley) as well as industry pioneers and ground-breaking thought leaders such as Eric Schmidt (Google), Ray Kurzweil (futurist), Guido van Rossum (creator of Python), Marc Raibert (Boston Dynamics) and many more.

The Internet of Things Podcast

“The Internet of Things Podcast,” is a weekly show that cleverly wraps up the industry news, deep dives into controversial business concepts, discusses complex policy issues and interviews IoT luminaries.

Danny In The Valley

Run by west coast correspondent for The Sunday Times Danny Fortson, this podcast is high brow but undeniably thought provoking.

The Future of Everything

How will future science and technology transform business and culture? And, more importantly, how will technology affect the way we currently live, work and play?

In this podcast, award winning Wall Street Journal reporters travel across the US to answer these very questions as they evaluate current affairs, interview key players and try their hand at predicting the future.

GeekWire Podcast

Seattle based podcast, GeekWire, shares up to date tech news, commentary, insight and trends relating to technology, mobile, start-ups, and more. You’ll hear from editors, reporters and special guests.


Design Matters

It’s 100% worth checking out Debbie Millman who takes to this podcast to talk to designers from various fields. She gets stuck into their unique stories and seeks to find out what drives them to do what they do.


MakerCast is a podcast on product design and development that debuts brand new episodes every week. It includes interviews with designers and manufacturers who share stories and insider tips to those in the industry.

O’Reilly Design Podcast

This Podcast explores how experience design – and experience designers – are shaping business and the Internet of Things.

Adventures in Design

If you’re looking for something with va-va-voom to kick start your morning, Adventures in Design is a daily show that keeps its listeners entertained and inspired from start to finish. With nearly 600 episodes to date, this podcast covers the reality of trying to live your creative dreams.

Happy Listening

There you have it! We hope we’ve inspired you to check out some of these ground-breaking podcasts and expand your listening horizons. There is so much information regarding tech, 3D printing, design and engineering out there, and one can read blogs, ponder over statistics, analyse reports or watch video content to our heart’s content.

But sometimes, it’s somewhat satisfying to bring it back to basics and simply… tune in.

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