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We are so excited to be celebrating our 6 million member milestone. As a result, we wanted to feature some of our most engaging and passionate members. To start, we are recognizing Tommy Mueller.

Essentially, I ride that blurred edge between 3D art and 3D engineering.” — Tommy Mueller

Tommy has been a member since June 2012! Over the years, Tommy has uploaded two-hundred models, generated close to 600 followers and just under five-thousand likes! But that’s not why we’re celebrating Tommy. We’re recognizing Tommy for having the most badges in the Community:

Tommy Mueller's Badges in GrabCAD Community

So let’s meet the man behind the badges:

  • Position: 3D designer based out of Portland, Oregon, working at PDX Effects, providing a variety of creative digital solutions for manufacturing and general “imagineering”.
  • Passion: “My passion and by far my greatest personal interest is using the Unreal Engine to bring my 3D CAD and polygonal designs into an environment with borderless creativity, as well as a place where I can visually produce anything imaginable with a bit of technical prowess.”

Collaborating in the Community

One of the reasons we selected Tommy to be featured is because he’s one of the most collaborative members in the Community. In fact, Tommy embodies the exact environment we hope the Community provides, and he does so by working with Community members from across the globe.

A few of his most collaborative projects include:

And most recently, GrabCAD Orbit City (which is Tommy’s favorite project).

Having been here on GrabCAD since June 2012, I’ve come a long way in my 3D design aesthetic and many of it’s 6 million community members have inspired me to make great strides in my everlasting chase to become an industry 3D professional.

What the GrabCAD Community means to Tommy:

I can best describe the GrabCAD community using that famous quote, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts‘, because, together, we represent [online] the largest collection of able minded designers and engineers, and it’s terrific to be here on GrabCAD to be a part of the experience.

Thank you, Tommy and to all our Community members for helping us reach 6 million members! And don’t miss the Thank You video our GrabCAD offices put together, thanking our amazing Community.

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