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Hey Everyone, Kesa Lynch, GrabCAD’s Community Manager, back again with our favorite top 10 Robotics CAD Models that have been posted to the Library lately!

This month we decided to spotlight some models of robots and robotic assemblies that we really liked.

So, let’s dive right in!

Simple Wifi Hexapod

A Xexapod Spider Robot design coming from Mwilmar, this model even comes with a video to showcase how it moves. It’s very fast and would probably scare anyone who wasn’t ready to see it.

Two-Legged Robot

This Two-Legged robot looks like something you would find in a Sci-fi movie. Created by Seong-Beom Jeon using Solidworks.

Mechanical Wolf

One of my favorite robots in this entire post is this Mechanical Wolf created by Dape. This model is truly beautiful and I would love to see it in motion!

Rescue Robot

This Rescue Robot model seems like it will be able to combat any type of terrain. Created by Ehsan Lahroodi and designed in Solidworks and later built with a CNC machine. Nice job!

Xgentec Rover Explorer ROV V2

Amazing rover model with a lot of components. Would love to see what kind of chassis could be put over this model. Created by Xgentec Jason.


A terrain sampler component. A very well made model used to sample terrain. I believe it can separate rocks based on sizes. Created by smruty swaroop.


A very beautiful drone model. This model is a clean and very sleek design; probably my second favorite model in this top 10. If this was in production, I would buy one instantly! Created by petr.

Mars Rover

A model of a Mars Rover. A very nice design that looks like it would be able to traverse most terrains – even the rocky crags of the Red Planet! It also has solar panels on it which gives it a nice touch. Created by Christian Spreafico.

Robot Arm with Gripper

A Robot Arm that has a gripper on it that’s able to pick things up and move them somewhere else. Creator Amir Mohammad has 3D printed it and was able to fit it with components and make it move. Very cool indeed!


A Fully CAD robot that is very well made. This seems like a robot that could be used in most competitions to problem solve. Would love to see this robot in action if the creator, Drew pang, decides to build it!

You can also discuss, and share, some of your own favorite robot designs in the Robotics forum on GrabCAD Groups.

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