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Today’s quick tip is about modifying the 3DEXPERIENCE login text label. In a previous post, I had shown how you could modify the image file, so it is easy to identify what system a user is about to log into. However, some customers may prefer text only, images only, or both. This example shows how easy 3DEXPERIENCE can be tailored to suit your needs.

Out of the box, this is the welcome screen. If you have multiple environments, they all look the same.


Let’s change the English text label, so ‘Welcome’ is replaced by the environment the user is pointing to.

On the 3DPassport server, open this file into Notepad++. Your path may differ by installation.


Edit the line:



commons.login.welcome=Migration Env:

Save the file and restart the 3DPassport service.

Now, when a user logs in, they can see ‘Migration Env: ’ which gives users peace of mind which environment they are about to work in.


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