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We thought it would be fun to ask a few of the more active members of the GrabCAD Community to share some of their favorite models with us. This week we picked FredSWUG, a CAD expert who first joined the GrabCAD Community in 2013 and whose models have been downloaded over 13,000 times, pick out some of his favorite models from the Library, who tells us why he selected the models that he did.

Kinetic Illusion

Wow, that is a lovely animation.

Decorative Lighting

This model has some nice proportions.


Excellent work on this guitar model.


Beautiful lines!

Compliant Iris

Pretty cool, and the FEA tutorial video is great as well.

Storm Trooper Helmet

Great model, but I love the lighting for the animation too.

Ultraviolet Lamp Assembly

My first foray in using KeyShot. Prior to this I had dabbled with the rendering engines in SOLIDWORKS and Rhinoceros, but the process was never fun, and the results were always bleh. KeyShot made everything so easy. The model came out of an Objet 3d printer in the office. It looked like an interesting blend of features, and I never use the sheet metal tools very often, so I figured it would make for some good practice.

Writing Desk

That’s a really nice looking desk.

Parasite Fighter Aircraft 

Love it!

Water Filter

I just changed four of these at my house, they look great.

Badminton Birdie

This model started its life in the GrabCAD Library, but it was broken. I fixed it up, and added some new features, but it was really the rendering that came out great. I had been learning some new KeyShot and Photoshop skills and combined them all into this model.

I’ve detailed the methods used in my two Keyshot tutorials if you want to check them out:
Some Keyshot Tips
More Keyshot and Photoshop Tips

If you would like your models selected to appear on the GrabCAD blog, send a message to Content Manager Dave Moran: dave.moran@grabcad.com.

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