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One of the things we strive to do here at GrabCAD is continually improve and enhance the user experience for our Community of designers, engineers, manufacturers, and students.

Our latest improvement tidies up the Questions section, making it more user friendly, easier to navigate, and faster to find the answers you’re looking for.

First, we changed the layout so that it matches the recent enhancements we made to the Engineers and Tutorials section of the Community, giving it a more uniform look and an easier to use filter bar. We added a new option that filters questions by most popular and unanswered.

We improved and enhanced the ability to “up vote” or “down vote” answers to questions based on the relevant knowledge they contain. Answers that receive more “up” votes from other members will appear more prominently on the page and under the Popular filter, while those answers that get more “down” votes will sink to the bottom.

The new list view makes it easier to see how many people have answered, viewed, and followed a question, as well. Comments on an answer are also shown alongside each answer to the question.

There’s a new form to ask a question, too, with some helpful tips on what makes a good question and a cleaner, simpler layout. These tips can guide you in forming and posting a clear and concise question, increasing the likelihood that it gets answered.

If you find content that you think violates GrabCAD’s guidelines or just doesn’t belong, then the new reporting panel gives you an easier way to provide feedback and contact support.

We hope you enjoy the latest improvements to the Community. We value your feedback as we continue to refine and enhance the user experience. Feel free to send any comment or suggestions to: problem-solvers@grabcad.com.

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