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As product and supply chain complexity continues to grow, quality management practices will face increasing pressures and challenges. To address this, many organizations create manual processes or traditional, fragmented quality management systems. However, these types of approaches rarely offer long-term solutions, as they often detach quality management data and processes from organizations’ core systems. As a result, organizations struggle to reconcile the high-risk quality silos that result, often facing costly integrations.

Oracle Quality Management Cloud does just the opposite. Oracle offers a modern approach to quality management that addresses the problems of quality silos, while providing end-to-end quality management. Oracle Quality Management Cloud is a pre-integrated solution in the Oracle Cloud that provides a unified platform for consolidating quality information across your enterprise, and rapidly executing best practice quality processes to protect your global supply chain.

Learn how best practice, enterprise quality management can improve your competitiveness in today’s rapidly changing world. Discover how Oracle Quality Management Cloud can help your organization reduce the cost of quality, increase customer satisfaction, grow in revenue, accelerate time-to-market, and more.

To learn more about how only Oracle has end-to-end PLM Cloud solutions that connect ideation through development and into commercialization, visit oracle.com/plm and cloud.oracle.com/plm.

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Kemper Ray is a Product Marketing Analyst at Oracle. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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