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Want to learn why incorporating requirements management is a critical best practice for your organization’s success and efficiency? Look no further than the all-new Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud Requirements Management Executive Brief, “Digitizing Requirements Management”, and Whitepaper, “Crossing the Innovation Chasm: How to Unlock the Business Value of Systems Engineering”.

Discover how Oracle PLM Cloud offers a robust enterprise requirements management solution that allows you to define, manage, verify and validate requirements lifecycle beginning as early as idea creation, through product development and commercialization.

Start by reading this Executive Brief and Whitepaper where you can learn how to simplify your requirements management process with Oracle’s complete end-to-end PLM cloud solution:

  • Define requirements, maintain traceability determine product scope, and optimize requirements with Oracle PLM Cloud
  • Improve time-to-market through streamlining definition, management, and verification and validation of requirements
  • Decrease product development costs by reduced redesign, improved new product development efficiency, agility, and project execution, and ability to identify a failure fast
  • Reduce product expenses and the risk of non-compliance, by avoiding lack of hand-off clarity between all stakeholders and by keeping everyone current on the latest scope
  • Increase collaboration and productivity with a single, connected solution to manage the end-to-end requirements process

For more information on where to start your digital transformation, check out the Executive brief here, and the Whitepaper here.

To learn more about Oracle PLM Cloud and Innovation Management, click here.

Kemper Ray is a Product Marketing Analyst at Oracle. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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