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Razorleaf recently encountered a customer issue in which a CAD integration user attempts to launch a CAD object in the web UI from SOLIDWORKS that fails to show the web UI 3DEXPERIENCE blue header bar.

We encountered this anomaly while assisting a customer. The customer stated they were experiencing an issue with the web UI when selecting the Explore in Web function from the SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE integration command bar.

The Explore in Web button did, in fact, launch a web browser window, however, that browser window was not complete.  The blue header bar that contains the Compass, Search window, User Name, Add, Share, etc. was missing, just a blank space.  Secondly, this only occurred if the web UI was already open and a second browser tab was created after selecting the Explore in Web.

The resulting web UI browser window should have looked like this:

After some troubleshooting and assistance from Dassault Systèmes support, we narrowed down the problem to a configuration issue. We also learned that this issue could affect other rich client integrations, not just the SOLIDWORKS integration.

The first thing that we noticed was that when the Explore in Web function was launched, the URL had a double slash (//) in the middle of the URL string as highlighted below:


The problem is within the config.xml file for the xCAD connector. This file is on the client side, NOT the server side. The file is generally located in the following path:

C:Program FilesDassault SystemesB419xcadconnectorswin_b64reffilesIEFClientWorkspaceService

The config.xml file will look like the following and note the highlighted line below:

C:Program FilesJavajre1.8.0_144
-Xmx256m -Xms256m

We discovered that the if the serverURL entry ends in a slash (/), the resulting launched URL will contain two slashes (//). The serverURL line above should look like this:


NOTE: There is no trailing slash after /3dspace.

If you are encountering this problem, please contact us at Razorleaf and we would be happy to help.

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