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It’s no secret that GrabCAD is the place to go if you’re looking for professional-quality CAD models on the Internet, and with more than 2.2 million CAD models already uploaded our Library keeps growing every day!

That’s why we browse the Library every week to pick out some of our favorite models that have been added recently. Here’s what we came up with this week:

Dual Clutch Transmission

The detail on this dual clutch transmission from GrabCAD Community member Ali Shojapoor is really impressive. It was modeled in SOLIDWORKS.

Wing Nuts 

Who doesn’t like a nice set of wing nuts modeled in CATIA, Creo Elements, and SOLIDWORKS?

1.1 Kw Ac Motor

AC induction motors, also called squirrel cage motors, are used to power pumps, blowers, conveyors, and other industrial machinery.

LED Illuminated Power Push Button

We just loved the design of this illuminated latching 16mm On/Off 12V power push button by GrabCAD Community member Serj Minin. It would make us want to switch any device on or off.

Industrial Centrifugal Fan

We like how you can see the inner workings of this fan. Modeled in SOLIDWORKS by GrabCAD Community member Gustavo Aimar.


A BMW M6 has a V8 engine and up to 600 hp. Modeled in CATIA and SOLIDWORKS by GrabCAD Community member Ioan Skurka.

Welding Jig 

A jig is one of the most practical tools in a welder’s arsenal, but why design one yourself when you can use this one courtesy of GrabCAD Community member Shinya Saeki?

T-Motor ESC 15A

A T-Motor ESC 15A is typically used to power a drone or an electric plane. This one was designed in SOLIDWORKS by GrabCAD Community member Mehrad Ghanbari.

Wooden Vase

We liked this innovative design for a vase made out of wood by GrabCAD Community member Vishnu OJ.

Wooden Door Handle

Keeping with the wood theme, here’s another smart design, this time for a door handle.

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