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Tutorials are a great way to showcase your unique skills and share your best how-to tips with other members of the GrabCAD Community – and they just got a whole lot better thanks to some awesome new enhancements.

We listened to the valuable feedback we received from customers and recently made a series of updates and improvements to our product. It is easier than ever before to create great educational tutorials that showcase your unique skills and knowledge and can help other members of the Community learn.

A new list view lets you easily search all Tutorials and filter them by likes, skill level, software, and category.

We’ve also overhauled the experience of reading a Tutorial with an all new page layout. You can now click on images to make them larger. YouTube videos can now be embedded directly into the steps of a tutorial itself, so you no longer have to leave GrabCAD to view the video, making it easier than ever before to follow along with tutorials every step of the way.

In the right sidebar, similar tutorials are also displayed and easier to find, so if you enjoyed the tutorial you can increase your knowledge of the subject even further by viewing similar tutorials. 

We’ve changed the creation wizard too, making it easier to create longer, more elaborate tutorials if you wish. Text is much simpler to input, images and videos easier to upload, and there’s now even a way to save the draft of your tutorial and come back later to finish in case you’re not ready to publish right away.

With all these new features incorporated into our Tutorials page, we also wanted to remind you about the importance of both creating and engaging with tutorials on the GrabCAD Community. Tutorials are the best way for members to share their knowledge and show off their unique skills, and they are now simpler than ever to create and share.

Here’s a helpful guide to creating the best tutorial possible.

We’ve just told you all about the many updates and enhancements to our Tutorials page, now why don’t you create your first one today!

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