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GrabCAD Print UpdateThis month’s GrabCAD Print release has improved, time-saving PolyJet user interface changes we want you to be aware of!  Continue reading so you can jump right in next time you open GrabCAD Print.

GrabCAD Print 1.38 Highlights:

Preview the New PolyJet Model Settings Panel
If you have PolyJet printers, you can try out the new model settings panel, which has improved design and the ability to save favorites. Go to File > Preferences > PolyJet and select the checkbox to use the new PolyJet Model Settings panel.

VeroUltraClear is Now Available for J750 and J735
The new VeroUltraClear material, introduced for the J850 and J835 in 1.36, is now available on the J750 and J735. VeroUltraClear simulates acrylic, achieving 95% light transmission of that material, and is useful for prototypes of glass, clear polymers, or transparent packaging.

Download our free VeroUltraClear Best Practice Guide to learn more.

PolyJet Override VRML/OBJ Parts
You can override VRML/OBJ parts with a new color and material assignment from the Model Settings panel, and restore back to original if necessary, with a new right-click menu option on the selected VRML/OBJ bodies.

Diran 410MF07 Updates
The infill patterns for Diran 410MF07 on Advanced FDM now include single dense, double dense, and sparse. Additionally, the first layer material can now be changed from support to model material to improve tray adhesion.

Heads Up and Reminders

  • Advanced PolyJet Slicer: In the March update, GrabCAD Print version 1.40, the option to disable the Advanced PolyJet Slicer for J750 and J735 will no longer be available.
  • PolyJet – VRML/OBJ Structure Preference: The default state of the VRML/OBJ structure preference has been changed from off to on.
  • Schedule View Fixes: An issue that caused incorrect model names for Stratasys printers to be displayed in the Schedule View has been resolved.


Update Now

GrabCAD Print checks for updates on startup and will prompt you to update the next time you open the app. If you’re using GrabCAD Print in Offline Mode, you will need to manually update your components here:


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