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Hi All,

Does anyone know what date the Workflow Routings All, 30, 90, 180,360 Days filter drives off of?  Reason I ask, we have many Manufacturer Orders that are pretty old (years) waiting to be approved.  We did a mass update to a few part attributes, and now, these MCOs are not being filtered correctly.  It’s like the update to the items triggered and update to the Workflow Routings date.  Basically all the old MCOs now are included in the 30 day filter.  MCOs with affected items that did not get updated get filtered out correctly.

Not the end of the world, but I thought this was rather peculiar.  We are on 9.3.4 so we don’t have the new “Routed Date” feature on the Workflow Routings tab.

Any one have any ideas?



Agile Talent Asked on March 16, 2021 in Product Collaboration.
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