Work Order Creation/Management?

Is this a thing? I haven’t seen it advertised anywhere as a feature or capability, but it seems easy enough to incorporate into Agile….

Agile User Asked on May 6, 2022 in Product Collaboration.
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Dear mfr5043,

To me this depends on what you’re defining as a work order.  If you’re looking to have Agile be an entry point, but have that integrated to some other system, such as Oracle EBS, then it seems to me that managing it directly in Oracle EBS may be better. If on the other hand, what you’re defining as a work order is solely entered into and managed within Agile, then that indeed does seem “easy enough”.  You could certain create custom Document objects to represent your Work orders. They could have all of the Page 3 attributes needed.  You could manage them on ECOs, create workflows for others to review or sign off, etc.  I’m not saying that integrating with other systems is impossible, but would certainly be more complex.  These are just my opinions 🙂


Steve L.

Agile Professional Answered on June 1, 2022.
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