Where in DB Can I see new attribute created in Page three attributes tab from Java Cllient

I have created a new attribute in Page three attributes of my subclass. The field is Date type. In which table will I be able to see it from backend? Its not available in Page_three table or in Agile_flex table

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It better be in the AGILE_FLEX or PAGE_THREE tables. Nowhere else for it to be.
 Look in the Java client to see the attribute ID for the new attribute. If it is 1534  through 1538, then it is a PAGE_THREE attribute, so look for the value in the DATE31-DATE35 attribute that is indicated for your new attribute.
If it is > 1538, then it is a flex attribute. Note that not every object to which this flex attribute applies will have a record in AGILE_FLEX. Only those objects that have a value for the attribute will have a record in AGILE_FLEX (why keep a bunch of null records in the table??).
 So put a value into the attribute for some object, save it, and then check PAGE_THREE or AGILE_FLEX for a record with the ID of that attribute (or the ID of the object). That is where you find the value.

Agile Angel Answered on May 25, 2017.
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That helped Kevin. Thanks

Agile User Answered on September 27, 2017.
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