What are all the changes need to make in custom px when we are going from 9.3.3 to

As we are moving from 9.3.3 to 9.3.6 RUP15 we are getting some error related to loggers, so what are the changes we need to make to work our code in 9.3.6.

Agile User Asked on September 19, 2021 in Product Collaboration.
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The two very basic changes which I can quickly recall you’d need to do are:

1. in 9.3.6 RUP1, the logging engine was upgrade to Apache Log4j 2.x … so whatever previous XML you had configured for your custom applications logging (e.g. for PXs and events) those need to be upgraded to Log4j 2.x format. This doesn’t affect file manager logs, so any custom web app if you have deployed in the FM Tomcat, those should remain untouched.

2. If you have any Webservice Extension based functionality, that needs to be revamped. In 9.3.4, Agile’s Webservice stack was updated to JAX-WS from Axis, so you’ll need to make necessary amendments in your codes

Agile Expert Answered on September 19, 2021.
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One issue i can recall with the PX

  • Some methods we were using were deprecated. For example, one signature for addREviewer wasn’t working. So, we had to change the code to use the newer one


Our biggest challenge was with the custom apps. Because of the JDK  and Oracle upgrade, we ran into compatibility issues with open source libraries like Hibernate, Spring, etc. So, we spent lot of time on this. Please be aware in case you have this scenario

Agile Angel Answered on September 20, 2021.
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