Trying to extract Multilist values from DB

Hi All,

I am using Agile PLM version 9.3.6.

I am trying to extract the Multilist value for Some items from the DB level. For few of the items i see that Multilist value is updated as ‘,-1,’ at the DB level.

But i am able to see the various multilist value through Web client. Not sure why it is happening and how can i get the multilist values for those items as well.

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It is possible that for those records, the multilist values are stored in the FLEX table. Please check there to see if you have the values for that record and attribute.


Agile Angel Answered on May 19, 2018.
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Hi Karan,

Apart from what Anand has suggested above, to check in the agile_flex table if your attribute is flex field, there is another table where you can search for multilist values.

The view item_p3 in agile schema (joined item & p3 tables) has a specific columns for out of the box multilist attributes and their capacity is 255 chars. They store the id of the objects separated by commas which consists your multilist. I.E. if your multilist attribute will show user group objects, the db table column will contain comma separated user groups’ ids. Now if the attribute in the web client UI becomes too long, such that the comma separated values exceeds 255 chars, Agile starts storing them i MSATT table. In this table, attid is the base id of your multilist attribute from Java client, parentid is the id of object to which the attribute belongs to (item/change/activity/organization & so on) and the value contains the attribute’s value, each row containing one value (or id) corresponding to each of the object in the multilist attribute’s values.

Hope this helps.


Agile Professional Answered on June 1, 2018.
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