Status criteria when no affected item is there

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I am trying to set up a criteria on a workflow. The requirement is that the workflow should throw error when no affected item is present when we move the workflow from pending to submitted.

Pending–>submitted–>throw error if no affected item is present and should not allow to move to submitted.

What criteria should I add to pending status to satisfy this requirement?


Agile User Asked on March 23, 2022 in Product Collaboration.
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I believe that appropriate criteria could be made. The criteria itself would be set for Object Type “Change Orders”. The Attribute would be “Affected Items.Item Number” and Match If set to “Is Not Null”. Set this as required criteria in your workflow from  Pending to Submitted. The workflow status change should be allowed as long as there are affected items.  Full disclosure: I have not actually tried this.

Here’s the catch… the standard Agile functionality will not tell you anything meaningful when the criteria is not met. It will simply tell you the criteria is not met… that’s it.  It is not a true validation.

That is why, where I work, we implemented a validation PX, which checks all sorts of things like affected items are present, new revs are entered properly, items on BOMs are not obsolete, etc. It is not a small thing though. It involves a database package, a Groovy script PX, and configured objects that serve as Validation Collections and Validation Rules.  But now that it is in place we can add all the validations we need. I don’t if the source code is something I can share or not, but may be able to provide guidance if it’s something you would like to put the effort into.


Agile Professional Answered on April 1, 2022.
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I agree to Steven and suggest to have either PX or workflow change status event (Pre) to achieve it.

Agile User Answered on April 21, 2022.
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