Pros and cons of upgrading Oracle Agile PLM from 9.3.3 to 9.3.6

Hello can any one list out the pro’s and con’s of upgrading agile from 933 to 936?



-/Raja G

Agile User Asked on December 4, 2019 in Others.
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Pros :

  1. Your application will be under official support for much longer – at least to 2025, IIRC.
  2. You will have some added functionality and a number of bug fixes. And more as they are found. Extra functionality would be for PPM (Calendar and GANNT), some Design Change Order updates and content authoring improvements.
  3. Your version of Java that you use (8.0.xx) will be MUCH more secure and can be upgraded as needed.


  1. It is going to cost you, both in terms of the upgrade itself and in testing everything to make sure it all still works.
  2. If you use web services in your PXs, it will also cost you to migrate from the AXIS framework to JAX-WS, as requires you to use JAX-WS.

I am certain there are others, but these are the ones that come to mind.

Agile Angel Answered on December 4, 2019.

Kevin covered it pretty concisely. There isn’t very much more for the PC user other than more fields to enable. The real reason would be for backroom IT; to get on a current software stack.

on December 4, 2019.
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Thank you very much , Kevin.

Agile User Answered on December 4, 2019.
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