Not able to get filename when removed from attachment using Event PX


When a  file is removed from attachment ,not able to retrieve filename etc. using Event PX, it is giving null.

Below is the code details:

Able to get only folder name and object version.

The attribute ids 1046 (for file name) and 3621 (for modified date) are returning null.

Have setup as PRE event px.


IEventDirtyTable dirtyTable = (IEventDirtyTable)currentObject.getTable();

Iterator it1 = dirtyTable.iterator();
while (it1.hasNext()) {
IEventDirtyRowUpdate row1 = (IEventDirtyRowUpdate);
int rowAction = row1.getAction();
// EventConstants.
if (rowAction == EventConstants.DIRTY_ROW_ACTION_DELETE) {“Row action in if ” + rowAction);“name ” + row1.getReferent().getName());“version ” + row1.getReferent().getObjectVersion());
//below values getting null“file name 1” + row1.getCell(1046));“modified date 1” + row1.getCell(3621));“file name “+ row1.getReferent().getCell(1046));“modified date ” + row1.getReferent().getCell(3621));


There was a post some time back on similar issue by somebody,but no solution was mentioned in it.

It will be helpful if somebody can chip in.

Was able to get the file name from folder name.

on March 31, 2021.
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