migrateuserstoDB.sh script for LDAP refresh

Hi All,

In our system we have  Ldap configured to onboard  users in Agile. Now we are intending to  make the ldap refresh using migrateuserstoDB.sh script file present in Agile_home\agileDomain\bin> as we are planning to make a user creation and user management automation in agile which will trigger this migrateuserstoDB.sh script to perform the ldap refresh.

Now our question is:

1. Will this script perform similar way as we do ldap refresh from javaclient? Or it might create any discrepancy in the long run?
2. If we trigger this script multiple times in a day as per automation demand will that create any issue in application?
3. Is there any pre or post activities required to execute the migrateuserstoDB.sh script?
4. We have checked this script in our lower instances and there after execution it is asking to restart server, but if we use this script  in automation and trigger it multiple time without restarting the servers , will that cause any issue?

Can someone please advise.

Agile User Asked on February 3, 2021 in Agile PLM (v9).
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migrateusersToDB is meant for one-time execution. You would do this whenever you are configuring Agile to a new LDAP or modifying to another. You shouldn’t use this for incremental changes. Doing this will definitely require Agile app to restart. Many cases, unless you restart, you won’t see the new users in Agile even though it is there

“Refresh User List From Directory Server”  task (Server Settings -> Task Configuration) is meant for this exact purpose. you can schedule this as frequently you want and it will take care of incremental runs without any issues

Hope this helps

– Raj

Agile Angel Answered on February 3, 2021.
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I agree with Raj that the user refresh can happen automatically with LDAP.  I also set up an event that runs once a day and looks for any new users created in Agile, makes them Active and also adds them to a User Group.  I can send you that Groovy script if you wish.  Email me at mathison at hotmail dot com.

Agile Talent Answered on February 3, 2021.
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Thanks for your inputs Raj, I can see “Refresh User List From Directory Server”  is there  in   (Server Settings -> Task Configuration), and it is also  enabled, but it seems it is not working as everyday we need to do manual syncing from user–>sync users from LDAP.. Below are the parameter set currently.


Name    : Refresh User List From Directory Server

Interval : 1440

Delay Time: 0

Look  Back Window: 30

Max event number: 1

Restart Upon Failure: 0

Load across server: 0 


Can you please advise what could be the ideal parameters if we want to execute ldap refresh automatically at each 3 hour interval?


Agile User Answered on February 8, 2021.


The Look back window should match with Interval. in that way i can catch all the modified users since it last ran. Also, can you please check the following

a) Does the “Task Disabled” say No?

b) Can you check Task Monitor? If it had run, you should see an entry. If so, does it say Finished? If fail, then you need to check the logs to see what happened

– Raj

on February 8, 2021.

Hello Raj,

  1.  Yes, the task disabled value is set as ‘No’.
  2. Currently I am checking this in our lower environment and yesterday we had restarted the server of this lower environment and now I can see the task was executed  and also completed yesterday after server was up. But there are no  other records from any previous dates for this task . I will  check today also and see if it is executing or not.
  3. I have set the look back widow with  interval  (1400) as suggested by you.
  4. Also, one query, there is no start time configured for these tasks, so any idea what is the start time for these tasks? Or these are dependent on server restarts? Saying this from yesterday’s observation.
on February 9, 2021.

That’s good. If you want to test, you can reduce the time to 60 min or so

Regd #4, yeah. there is no start time. It starts 1440 minutes(based on the interval) from the time it finished the previous run. So, the next run time keeps shifting

on February 9, 2021.
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