Is there a way to Select multiple fields and execute that PX for that selection only?

I would like to know if it is possible in Agile using SDK, when user select list of data elements (e.g. select multiple items in affected items tab) and then go to action menu and  click on PX to perform specific action on that selected data.

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Hello Vaibhav

  PX invoked from Actions menu would know which dataobject you are working on, but not the tab where you are working

  However, if you are looking for a way to do some processing on the changed records (edits on some of the Affected item rows), that is possible using events

Hope this helps


Agile Angel Answered on March 11, 2019.

Thanks Raj. 

But I was looking for some way where PX will know which row user selected and then we can process those rows. Thanks for your input. I will update here if I will be able to do it any other way.

on March 12, 2019.
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Have you check the list of event available to Event PX? I don’t know if there is ANY event that will detect changes to a field. You will have to do that yourself. When an object is saved, check the field of interest against some data you keep that is the “previous” value and take action on it.  If all you are interested is just processing the selection, first write the logic that process the field value, and come up with the triggering mechanism.  In the worst case, you can have a SDK code sitting outside of A9 that periodically checks for the modified objects.

Agile Talent Answered on March 23, 2019.
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Hi Vaibhav,

One of the solutions can be building a Url based PX from Actions menu of Change. UI should display the affected Items and allow the user to select the item/items and process it accordingly.

– Karthik

Agile Talent Answered on March 25, 2019.
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