Imported 3000 items to Agile, using the Agile SDK program few days ago, now they disappeared.


I have an issue in our Agile System.

We imported 3000 items into the ECO in Agile using the Agile SDK Program few days ago. But today, all those items don’t show up on the ECO’s Affected Items Tab, anymore.
Even when I search them in Agile, they are not found. If I wanted to create them, Agile is stating that they do exist.
And in fact, via SQL Developer, I can see that these parts in the agile database. But I can not see them anymore in the Agile WebClient and JavaClient.

Would you know how I can fix this. I think this issue happened to other customers and there should be a solution for this. Wonder if there are some scripts I can run to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance.



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Hello Eddie

This is strange

Is this a clustered environment? if so, can you please go to individual web client node and see if the items exist in any of them? I am thinking you have a JMS out of sync which is causing the data changes done one node not being reflected in another

Try restarting the cluster and that may solve the issue

– Raj

Agile Angel Answered on April 8, 2021.
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