How to delete or Cancel a subscribed Engineering Change Order (ECO)

Hi i am using Agile PLM version 9.3.3, i wanted to delete an Engineering Change Order (ECO) – but agile is not letting me do so since the CO has been subscribed for status change by some users who i think are no longer working in the company. Is there any option that i can still delete or Cancel this ECO.

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Hi Kumar, for the history purpose, you shouldn’t be able to delete a change with status other than Pending.
The acceptable should be cancel it. An admin user should access ECO approver record and use the Transfer Authority functionality to someone in the business that can Reject or Cancel this ECO. Assuming these users are no longer working in the company and you are using some kind of  LDAP integration you should reactivate this users before transferring authority.

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Agile Angel Answered on December 23, 2015.
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