How do I associate a group notification to object history

I have gotten pretty good at querying the Agile database for things that are, frankly more difficult to find through a simple web-client search. I was asked to create a search for all ECOs with a specific workflow, where a notification was sent to a specified user group. I can tie the CHANGE_HISTORY to the CHANGE via the CHANGE_ID, but find that the CHANGE_HISTORY does not directly contain information about the notifications or whom they were sent to. I have found at least 7 tables that appear to be tied to notifications:


In my case, the NOTIFICATION table seems to only have one record where the NOTI_OBJECT_FK column is equal to my CHANGE_ID, but the history in the web client clearly shows two different notifications were sent for two separate events. I’m assuming there’s something different about these notifications. As an experiment, I went to an item (as opposed to a Change) and did a SEND under the Actions menu. I sent 2 separate notifications to myself from that item. Neither of those appear in the NOTIFICATION table, so they must be treated differently. Any thoughts as to how these notifications are stored in the database?

3 hours later… I actually found part of what I was looking for. It was the SIGNOFF table that provided the association I needed.  The SIGNOFF table is tied to both the CHANGE_HISTORY and the CHANGE tables, and contains a column called USER_NAME_ASSIGNED, which could be the name of an individual or a user group.


Agile Professional Asked on December 8, 2017 in Agile PLM (v9),   Product Collaboration.
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Thank you Steve.  Good to know.

Agile Angel Answered on April 25, 2018.
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