How can i get the any attribute values of Affected Itmes BOM values (Redlines )

I have created the CO and added the afftected item (Which is not BOM).

After adding afftected item to CO . when we select the afftected row, we can see the details of added child item.  I want to get the current Redline BOM detials which is added to afftected item after creation of CO.

For more clear please check the Screenshot added

Agile User Asked on May 26, 2022 in Product Collaboration.
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Dear Madhu,

I do not see the attachment that you mention. You may need to try to attach it again.  When you say that you  “want to get the current Redline BOM details”… get them where?  Do you want to see more details about the items in the redline BOM view?  Do you want to query them from the database? Are you writing some application or report that you are trying to extract them into?  Where or how exactly do you expect to see the info?


Agile Professional Answered on June 1, 2022.
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