Getting error ‘unable to save your changes. You have one error’ after creating new workflows and renaming the old ones

Hi all,

I have renamed an old workflow from ‘ECO w/Rework to ‘ECO w/Rework Legacy’ and did a save as and created a new workflow with the original name.  Added a new step to the new workflow and it works fine.

My issue is ECOs that are on the old workflow ‘ECO w/Rework Legacy’ give me an error of ‘Unable to save your changes. You have  one error’ as soon as I go into the ECO.  The cover page is missing and when I click Edit I just keep getting the error.

I checked oracle website and it says to make sure you have a privilege that allows modification of the Workflow field at pending.  I do have that already and am still having the issue.

Anyone have any other ideas?




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And weird thing is I can open those changes in the java client but not in the webclient with same user role.

Any ideas?



Agile User Answered on August 16, 2020.
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Hello Laura

Is this a clustered environment? If so, I am thinking that the admin changes you made in one node didn’t get propagated cleanly to the others

Couple of suggestions

1. In web client, try Settings -> Administration -> Cache health monitor. Check if you see your admin changes are there as “Not synchronized”. if so, try the Synchronize button. Sometimes, that might work

2. Do a restart of the cluster if #1 doesn’t help

– Raj

Agile Angel Answered on August 17, 2020.
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