Error For input string: “Inactive” on Inactive User


I was trying to be clever in our DEV database and see if there was a way to set users to Inactive for amaintenance window and then reset them back to active once done with maintenance.

I did this statement for user in Oracle SQL developer :

update agileuser set enabled = 0 where loginid = ‘username’

and a commit (F11)

Now when I try to open the inactive user I get an Error:  For input string:  “Inactive”

Even if I set the user back to 1 for enabled I still get the error.

What can I do to fix this?




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Fixed it.

Had set another field to ‘Inactive’ to keep track of who was inactive and that was messing it up.  Once I removed that I could open the inactive user again.


Agile User Answered on August 27, 2020.
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